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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 12, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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$200,000? >> we have no lifetime caps, and we put in there no unreasonable annual caps. >> reporter: but what does that mean? >> well that is to be developed by the secretary of health and human services. arou >> reporter: after this story aired on cnn, the white house agreed to close the loophole. now the democrats are in the different situation of trying to keep down the cost for premiums in all americans. the very reason they put this language in the senate bill to begin with. brianna keilar, cnn, capitol hill. hello, everybody. from the c nnch nncnn center, i holmes. >> i'm betty nguyen. 11:00 a.m. in the east, 8:00 a.m. in the west. tiger woods. personal indiscretions taking a
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toll on his professional endeavors. >> he is taking a break from the sport that has made him one of the richest and most recognized sports figure in the world. that came via his website. susan candiotti has more. >> reporter: what a two weeks it has been for tiger woods. it all began thank giving night with a minor accident. a few days later, he issued a statement, say he would never let it happen again. a few days later, he talks about transgressions as allegations of affairs begin to swirl around him and finally, friday night, another statement in which he admits that he was not faithful to his wife. the statement reads in part --
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>> i think this shows the magnitude of the problem. i think it shows that tiger and his team is starting to get how big a deal this is. the fact that he uses the word infidelity for the first time instead of transgressions, there's another step. and i think it shows a little window into the world in orlando, tiger woods' world, the bunker that he's in, how bad it is and how they seem to be getting it. >> reporter: the pga says -- fans also weighed in. about 50/50. some in favor, some not. one fan saying the road to recovery takes time.
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another one said maybe you learned your lesson, but at what cost? crisis experts say it may be time for tiger to play the inside game. >> you have to get a really thick skin for the next couple months and say i'm not going to read a newspaper, not going to turn on the tv and i'm going to do the business at hand. i'm going to walk the talk, make breakfast, change the diapers and be the best husband that ever was for a little while. >> reporter: tiger's absence on the greens make a difference? experts say count on it. at some point, he may have to face an interviewer before he once again faces the public at a golf tournament. susan candiotti, cnn, new york. one of tiger woods' biggest sponsor is backing his decision. nike released this statement --
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also, more on this developing story when our business and sports analyst, rick horrow joins us to talk about what it means for the game of golf and tiger's future. that up in a half hour. president obama con xwrat lating house democrats for passing a comprehensive overhaul of the american financial system. regulation on risky products. it sets up a consumer protection agency. the financial industry, yes, the same one taxpayers rescued. spent billions fighting that bill. that wasn't lost on president obama. >> the special interests and their agents in congress claim reforms like the consumer financial protection agency will stifle consumer choice. updated rules will frustrate innovation in the financial markets. but americans don't choose to be victimized by mysterious fees and changing terms and pages and pages of fine print.
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and while innovation should be encouraged, risky schemes that threaten our entire economy should not. be can't afford to let the same phony arguments and bad labi ha kill our economy. >> he is calling a dozen bank ceos to the white house on monday. he wants them to quit sitting on the money and step up lending to small businesses. the president tells this we weekend's "60 minutes" that is he angry with "fat cat bankers." the financial industry spent millions fighting the financial reforms just passed by the house. sarah palin did a surprise walkon at "nbc tonight show" with conan o'brien. she interrupted william shatner. she responded with her own dramatic reading from shatner's
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autobiography. >> she just keeps showing up places. you never know where she might show up. reynolds, she won't show up in your weathercast? >> no, no, no. but she's more than welcome to. a great sense of humor, got to love that i don't know if you'll like the weather we're seeing out west if you like skiing, you'll be happy with the weather in lake tahoe. heavy snow for sierra nevada. area of low pressure off the california and oregon coast. ramping up that moisture in the high elevations, the sierra nevada. that mixed in with the cold air aloft, one to two feet of snow in those spots. and mt. shasta into the central rockies and outside the great basin and northern plains. we're seeing scattered snow showers in part of the great lakes. especially in the eastern half of the great lakes. heavy snowfall there yesterday and into the southeast, seeing scattered showers and storms, stationary front lingering right
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across parts of the i-10 corridor. could see a few thunderstorms pop up into the afternoon hours. a bit farther to the north, into the appalachians, a chance you may be seeing light snowfall outside charlotte. keep that in mind. especially as temperatures continue to drop. speaking of temperatures, highs around the nation may lead to the 30s and 40s and back into the central plains and when you get to south florida. 80 degrees expected in miami and tampa with 78. you lucky, lucky devils. that is a look at the forecast. let's send it back to you. >> hope you feel better. >> all right, guys. voters headed to the polls in houston, in fact, they are doing that right now. are they ready to elect an openly gay candidate. opposition groups are pushing her personal life into the spotlight. and a basketball player not looking for glory on the court. just looking for a place to play. as having to decide to go for it?
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well, the polls are open right now in the houston mayoral runoff, and they are taking a crack at picking a new mayor. >> voters must decide if they are willing to support an openly gay insider whose sexual orientation was never an issue, until now. >> anese parker is a veteran of politics. she spent the last five years as the controller. before politics, she worked in
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the oil and gas industry. that's what gets the most attention. the footnote is that parker is openly gay. she's been with her partner for 19 years and they have two adopted children. >> i have -- been that accepting
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of flay every gay political issues. just a few years ago, houston voters rejected a plan to offer blen fits to same-sex workers. and they ran the straight slate in an unsuccessful effort to unseat a mayor who backed job rights for homosexuals. anese parker was a young political activist then. the experience made her want to work harder. she became president of houston's gay and lesbian political caw success. >> houston is a multiracial, multicultural international city. and my election will send a message to the world that just kind of -- houston is a city that might surprise a lot of folks. >> reporter: parker and locke share virtually the same positions on the issues. charles puffner says that makes
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the election a personality contest. >> it's kind of a matter of who do you really want in the driver's seat? i -- you know, i as a voter believe that any of these -- any of the top three candidates would do a decent job. it's a question of which one do i think will do the best job? >> reporter: the latest polls show parker with a load in the race with low voter turnout expected, u.s. a candidate of which voters are the most passionate. >> a lot of people just getting going maybe on their holiday shopping. a lot of items probably still on the list. >> i have a long list still to do. no matter who has been naughty or nice, we'll help you find bargains and they are just a click away. touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america,
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♪ all right.
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everybody looking for a deal right about now. >> always. >> yeah. >> you talk about buying gifts for other folks, but a lot of folks have to worry about what they are going to wear to holiday parties. >> a lot going on between now and the end of the year. there may be designer dresses that cost thousands that you would love to slip into, but there is that price tag. we'll show you how to get that for cheap. also, how you can get -- we always have those gadgets, cell phones, what do you do with them? we'll find a way to get rid of them environmentally soundly, but also make get a tax credit for it. our tech guru, mario armstrong, has the in
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a check sent to me, for $38. and then i can see the check out of all of the different items. i plugged in four different items and i'll get a check for $180. and they send you an envelope. ith great from gazelle. you can prepay this, and they send you a check. if you don't want the money directly for yourself. you can actually set up a donation for a cause. so you can actually have this go to a nonprofit or maybe to your kid's little league soccer team or to your church. >> and you still get the tax writeoff for that. >> you get a tax writeoff. >> can it be chargers and other stuff? >> it can't be chargers, printers, krrve rt monitors and televisions. and fax machines. those are four things they can't
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do just yet. they have 15 different categories and 150,000 items have been recycled through this program. really effective. >> get some of the stuff out of your drawers. have you old cell phones laying around. >> i have a bag phone somewhere. >> good stuff this weekend. very useful stuff around the holidays. good to see you as always. we'll see you again soon. >> see you soon. take care. top stories right now. listen to this. a 98-year-old massachusetts woman accused of murder was indicted yesterday. prosecutors say she strangled her 100-year-old nursing home roommate. after arguing about the placement of a table. the victim was found dead in september with a plastic shopping bag tied around her head. five americans arrested in pakistan have been moved to a detention center in lahore.
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friends and community lead errs in the washington, dc area, where they are from, paint a much different picture of the suspects and call them "wholesome." they could be deported to face charges. the wife of south carolina's governor isn't standing by her man. ginny sanford has filed for divorce. john sanford confessed to having an affair with an argentine woman he calls his soul mate. a formal rebuke of the governor is recommended. we'll have another update in 20 minutes. >> a program aimed at reaching a billion people. how you can stay part and help save lives. ♪
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welcome back, everybody. the number is just staggering. for the first time, a billion people on earth are hungry. >> that's what the world food
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program is saying. and it created a new project to fight world hunger. josh levs has that for us. >> good morning. it's very interesting. what they are trying to do is harness every kind of opportunity there is in order to get people involved in this fight. they are calling it a billion for a billion. can they get a billion people on earth involved in doing something to help the billion who are hungry? there is a video that goes along with it. take a look at this video, packed with numbers. they are showing how busy people are online. we talk about how much time people spend on line, and then they tell you how many young people are dying, how many people on the world are starving and it becomes very powerful. we've been looking at this, and it's at their website, i spoke with a representative of the world food program about where this idea came from. >> we have so many people online. in a nutshell, all of the folks
11:27 am
who are using these tools, cell phones, computers, if they help the ones who need a cup of food, the billion online to help the billion who are going hungry, and if you spread the word, do a little tiny bit. go to your computer and tell the story, and you spread it, and you tweet and you blog and you link up with us, we can really change the world. we can make hunger. we can eradicate it. it's extremely wonderful what the internet can do. >> let's get pragmatic here. are you hoping to get the words out that the more people who hear the more people will give money. it's ultimately a fund-raising activity. >> it's fund-raising and awareness. fund raising this year has been very hard. we got very good donations from governments, but clearly not enough. we have huge shortfalls. we need new donors, more people to know about this. >> all right. there's a lot that is set up at
11:28 am
this space. one of the things the word food program has going up. the wall against hunger. people are sending in their photos and it might inspire some people. if you look at they have here everything you can think of. they have hungerfy your tweet, your status update. they have a button you can press that will get more and more people talking about world hunger and here is where we have the link for you. up at the blog. andxd c nni'll see how close th to getting a billion people to get the word out. we hope they will help people around the world. >> thank you, josh. and the ongoing climate summit and global warming. protesters clogged the streets
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of copenhagen. they want world leaders to take stronger steps. so far pledges to cut greenhouse gases is short of what scientists say are needed. president obama more than the 100 leaders expected to attend the closing session fortunate summit next week. when you think of nasa, quite naturally you will think of space. >> no doubt. but planets, stars, things outside the earth's atmosphere, but nasa pays a lot of attention of what's going on right here on earth. jim acosta takes a look at how agency scientists are using space-based technology to monitor our changing climate. >> liftoff. >> reporter: nasa, the same agency that put the shuttle in space and man on the moon -- >> one small step for man. >> reporter: also has roughly a dozen satellites in orbit, on a mission to show how the earth is warming. >> the arctic is not a frozen lake. it's very dynamic. >> reporter: the head of cryo h
11:30 am
cryosphere kips a close eye. >> if this continues in the next 10 to 20 years, we'll see what in the arctic? >> we may very well see the summer -- an ice-free summer in the arctic. >> reporter: this animation demonstrates why it's happening so fast. as the ice melts, all that's left to soak up the sun's rays the ocean. >> the solar radiation is most reflective from the ice, where it is warmed by the ocean. >> reporter: and this accelerates the melting of the ice? >> right. >> reporter: he blames the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. >> there's no doubt we have global warming. >> reporter: that doesn't satisfy skeptics who have now taken aim at nasa.
11:31 am
an attorney is threatening to sue nasa if it doesn't turn other e-mails on global temperatures. >> what i'm asking for is what the taxpayer owns. we want transparency and we want to see how they did what and why. >> reporter: nasa is no stranger to climate controversy. james hammond, a fixture at global warming protests, accused the bush administration of suppressing climate data. that led to this inspector general report, which found nasa marginalized and mischaracterized climate information. >> it can pass tipping points, such that climate change continues out of our control. >> reporter: for marcus, climate measurements are the earth's vital signs, much like our own. >> if you go to the doctor and it says that your blood pressure
11:32 am
is high, cholesterol is high, and you may have a stroke, and the doctor suggests you may be more careful what you eat. do you change your diet? >> reporter: nasa has never had as many satellites measuring climate data as it does now. some of the eyes may be reaching their life span, and without new funding, nasa worries those satellites won't be replaced. cnn, jim acosta, washington. stepping away from golf may be the best thing tiger woods could do for his family it may be the worst thing he could do for the sport itself. she wants to make up.
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you talk about ray lewis and michael vick and all of the second chances these guys get is this different in some way because the sheer shocking alleged numbers of mistresses? >> hey, no big deal. probably the biggest story, maybe in the history of the world as far as athletes spokesmen are concerned. $12 million, corporations do for their athletes and build their
11:39 am
brand around spokesmen. it's not kobe, michael phelps. but it's the most recognizable guy in the internet age where information, accurate or not, gets transported in milliseconds. of course, it's a big deal. and it's a billion-dollar plus deal, t.j. >> let me ask you this, rick. how much is riding on whether his wife will stay with him? is that really going to change this game in any form or fashion right now? >> it may be another peg, another leg to the story. of course, now the next story shifts does she buy a house in sweden, go to the island? what is the story of all of that? for him to have his continued family image, she has to stay with him, but i'm sure there are contingency plans that are there. does she say, go, come back quickly, does she not? this is not the last chapter in the book. >> rick, probably not the most important thing to him right now is golf. what about his golf game? this is a guy that many thought
11:40 am
he was on his way to breaking jack nicklaus' record of most majors. what happens to his golf game having to take time off? is he still on the clear path of going down in history as the greatest golfer of all time? >> for starters, 71 wins, $93 million in prize money. five majors away from beating jack's record and now we don't know. we'll tell you one thing, maybe the most prolific carpet practicer in the history of the world, because unless the paparazzi lets him out of the house, that's the only way he will be able to practice. >> a lot of people wondering where he is. but, again if he steps out of that house, somebody will see him. >> there is no storm cellar in a florida house. that's my tip. >> you would know that, wouldn't you? >> yeah, i would. >> joining us from west palm beach this morning. thank you, we appreciate it. some other stories making headlines this morning. former british prime minister
11:41 am
tony player says it would be right to remove saddam hussein even without evidence of weapons of mass destruction. he made the statement to the bbc news. the cia report tetley has canceled a secret missile contract with the former blackwater firm. the cia director lee on panetta got rid of the contract earlier this year it allowed contractors to load missiles on predator drones in pakistan which target senior al qaeda and taliban leaders. a menorah lighting in honor of hanukkah. the eight-day jewish celebration began on friday. all californians should reflect on hanukkah's message of light, hope and freedom. a plan to win, but not caring about the score. that's what you can say about
11:42 am
the freshman season for one young man at manhattan college. >> he's more than a name and a box score. he's a young man living on a dream, and his success isn't just measured by what he does on the court. >> reporter: 16 years ago, jim abbott used one hand to climb adiop the baseball world, throwing a no-hitter in yankees stadium. he had no idea that day some 3,000 miles away, outside san francisco, he had just become a role model for 3-year-old kevin lau. >> he was like the first to do something like this. and at a professional level. >> laue, like abbott, was born with only one hand. his arm made his dream of getting a division one scholarship. >> i have to show people that i can play.
11:43 am
>> reporter: height was the first thing that manhattan college coach was interested in when he spoke with laue's high school coach. >> everything he said sounded very attractive. 6'10", basketball player, and i think at the conclusion of the conversation he said, he has one arm. >> reporter: the coach faced some criticism after he offered the scholarship, but he saw it at less of a risk than most. >> some times coaches take risks on problem s on or off the cour and my feeling is why doesnkevi a chance? >> reporter: he remembers abbott throw that no-hitter. >> there was a coach somewhere that gave him a chance, an opportunity and if it wasn't for that coach, myself and thousands of other people wouldn't have
11:44 am
seen him throw a no-hitter one day. >> reporter: when they finally met this summer, ñilaue told abbott he spent most of hisájtt following the example the left-hander set in ten major league seasons. >> i was struck by his thoughtfulness. his -- his ambition, and his sensitivity to what he was going through and what was in front of him. >> i feel it's my responsibility. it's an honor, a pleasure, to encourage others to do the same. to be honest, anything is possible. >> reporter: he need only look to abbott to see that. rafer weigl, cnn, atlanta. a touching holiday tribute for the children of fallen soldiers. one what nonprofit is doing to help them look forward to the holidays. powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life.
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may affect how plavix works, so tell your doctor if you are taking other medicines. if fever, unexplained weakness or confusion develops, tell your doctor promptly. these may be signs of ttp, a rare, but potentially life-threatening condition, reported sometimes less than 2 weeks after starting plavix. other rare but serious side effects may occur. well, you've seen a lot of tiger woods certainly lately and certainly on tv you are used to seeing him, including in gillette commercials. you won't be seeing him in those any time soon, at least until he comes back to the sport. gillette, one of the major endorsers of tiger woods, said they will take a break in having tiger woods being part of their marketing campaign. i'll read "as tiger takes a break from the public lye, we'll
11:47 am
limit his role in our marketing program." that from gillette. one of several major sponsors. several sponsors have said they will support him and his family. now getting official word from gillette that they will move away from having him be in any marketing programs. randi kaye reported last night, that all of the tv ads. >> i believe they have been gone since november 29th. >> that was the last one. won't seen any more. >> gillette says they'll take a break. apparently the others are taking a break too. >> even though they haven't said it in a statement. we don't know what contractually this means. at least right now the marketing is not going to see it. >> a lot of of these companies came out in support of him, saying we support his decision to take a break. seems they're all on the same page. the holidays can be a difficult time for families. especially those dealing with a
11:48 am
member of their family who's died in a war. snowball express is trying to help that. >> this year the nonprofit bringing 1,300 people to texas all expenses paid. shelly slater with our affiliate in dallas. ♪ >> reporter: america the beautiful. this was fallen staff sergeant brian's favorite song. now the snowglobe, his daughter's most prized position, he's always with us in that he's in heaven right now, and that we'll see him again one day. >> reporter: braylon is only 10 yet wise beyond her years she grew up fast where her died died in iraq opinion it happened the week before christmas. for her mom, it hurts she can't take away her daughter's pain i. can't do anything. my hands of 100% tied behind my back. >> on the day my dad passed away
11:49 am
last year i was sitting on the bed staring at fireworks down at disney world. bench, staring at fireworks. >> reporter: thanks to snow ball express. she helped welcome 1,300 members into town for a weekend of fun and understanding. >> they will always have someone who knows what they are going through. if they ever want to talk to me, arms wide open. >> reporter: snow ball express gives hope in what could be a dark time. >> she has december to look gar forward to, versus december to dread. does it make you feel awesome that your dad is a hero? >> um-hum. when most kids think of heroes they think superman or batman or something, but i just think of people who are out there dying right now.
11:50 am
>> well, american airlines says it used eight jets to bring families to texas from across the country. the airline says it is important to honor sacrifice. in other news, homeless kids are losing hope, but finding a helping hand in the classroom. these are kids that used to have to eat ketchup packets for lunch, but those days are over thanks to their principal. these days are over, thanks to their principal.
11:51 am
the "newsroom" continues at
11:52 am
the top of the hour with fredricka whitfield. getting it together over there? >> fixing the mike a little better. but you know i can project if i don't have the microphone. >> good to see you. >> feeling festive in our holiday colors. orange and red. anyways good to see you guys. we have a lot on our plate, and we're going to talk about the five americans arrested in pakistan. who are they? and we're going to have a little more on some of the people who knew them here in the states and will they be facing those charges in pakistan for certain or might they be coming back home to face charges here for certain as well? we'll delve into that. and everybody's, of course, still talking about tiger woods, of course we heard the breaking news you all carried out with gillette now taking a pass, so to speak, on continuing advertising with him. his private life very much a mess. his private life, as public as his private life, our legal guys
11:53 am
delve into what's next as it pertains to custody, as it pertains to pre-nup. potential alimony, all of those. it's a whole lot. where do you begin? and we're going to talk a little late other than in the day as well about what is at stake for all of these endorsements. gillette the first. what let jer that's in the 2:00 eastern hour. >> a big hour. >> i know. big hour, big day. but that's what we do. >> has is what you do. see you here in a few minutes. >> thank you, fred. telling awe a school in las vegas micking things easier for homeless children. besides learning to read and write, the students at whitney elementary get clothes, dental care and food. introducing us to the woman behind it all. >> reporter: they are chefs from shsome of the fanciest hotels in vegas but today are serving breakfast at whitney, elementary, part of a nonprofit initiative to eliminate malnutrition and hunger.
11:54 am
>> what do we say when we are very grateful and fortunate? >> thank you. >> reporter: the school principal says it's a memorable meal for those who don't have one. the school estimates as many as 85% of the 600 or so students are homeless living in cheap motels with friends nor shelters. >> literally every waking moment i think about what else do i need to do? >> reporter: she arrived seven hours ago, children were devouring catch-up packets to fill empty stomachs, clearly not getting enough food. she set out to do something about it. a mission that came from personal pain >> i was raised in poverty. my mother went to a local organization at one point and asked for food and clothes and they turnedous down and i saw how devastated she was. >> reporter: she twisted arms and beg ford donations. opening a one of a kind school
11:55 am
supply closet. part food bank, part clothing supply. >> i got some pants, some shirts. some new shoes and socks. >> reporter: a lot of these kids come from such challenging circumstances there's no money to eastern celebrate birthdays. want month the school throwing a giant birthday paertd for all the kids that had berngtd parties that month. there's pizza and cake and even presents to take home. hair style ifs donate haircuts and dentists dental care. when a family comes up short for something like a utility bill, the school, through donations, can help with that, too. >> last year we had christmas. they gave us christmas. this year we're hard buy going have christmas but their going to give us christmas. they've helped us a lot so i got to donate my time here to, you know, to show how much i appreciate the people here. >> reporter: and that's what god expects. that parents give something back by volunteering. >> at the end of the day what is it you wish for these children?
11:56 am
>> i want them to have a sense of norm that a lot of families grow up in america having that they don't get. >> reporter: on this morning, they do get attention from the city's best chefs. for many, it will be the best meal they've had in a while, it's another small victory for her opportunities. dan simon, cnn, las vegas. 154 are tracking shipments on a train. 33 are iming on a ferry. and 1300 are secretly checking email on a vacation. that's happening now. america's most dependable 3g network. bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network. right now get a free 3g/4g device for your laptop. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access
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just in time for the
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holiday, the duggar family has another reason to bay gift. >> kids around the holiday a nice time to welcome in a new addition. here's the thing. they got 18. >> already. >> they have a reality show, 18 kids and counting. the show says they're going to change the title of that show, because michelle duggar had a daughter on thursday. joely brooklyn is her name. came earlier than expected. came by c-section. >> wasn't due until march but she is premature and so small she's expected to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit for now. can you imagine all the laundry they deal ji that is a huge family. >> what do you want to add? the laundry, food, diapers. anything. it's a lot of anything going on in that house, fredricka. >> you have one. just imagine? >> i'd have no hair on my head. and 18, right? >> 18. >> 18 and


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